Gentle, rhythmic rocking, pressure and stretching to balance the flow of Qi energy throughout the body, improving flexibility and relieving muscle tension. This therapy uses no oil and is performed fully clothed.

Benefits of Thai Massage

                                                            -Reduces stress
                                                            -Improves circulation
                                                            -Increases energy
                                                            -Increases flexibility
                                                            -Improves range of motion
                                                            -Centers the mind and body
What should i expect during my visit?
No oil is applied, so you are fully dressed. A typical Thai massage is 1 or 2 hours long.
One of our most relaxing massages, using traditional Aroma strokes. This full body oil massage uses techniques to soothe tired, strained muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Pressure can be varied as preferred.
A pre or post training deep tissue massage that helps remove lactic acid from the musculature avoiding aches and pains normally associated with fitness training.
Special care is taken with our expectant mothers allowing the new life inside to be nourished.  Prenatal massage improves circulation overall body tone and well being.
An intensely warming treatment incorporating hot, aromatic, herbal compresses to stimulate blood flow around your body.
Combined with Thai massage or aroma fusion massage to ease joint pain and stiffness, this massage will improve mobility and leave you feeling more flexible.
The stimulation of reflex points located on the soles balances the body, stimulates the circulatory system & alleviates fluid retention in lower extremities, leaving you profoundly relaxed.
Tense muscles across the scalp & neck often lead to headaches, neck and shoulder pains, this massage works directly on these areas, providing instant relief.